Aidan Cheeatow is a multidisciplinary filmmaker who can write, direct, shoot, and edit. A graduate of the York University Bachelors of Film Production program, Aidan is in the post-production phase of his latest dramatic short film HEARTBREAKER, a film he wrote and directed. In addition to his narrative projects, Aidan is in the early stages of preproduction for an upcoming music video collaboration with GREENHOUSE.

Aidan's past work includes collaborations with Kourosh Houshmand on Education Rediscovered, where he directed the short interview piece Noam Chomsky: On Education. In 2017, Aidan won the "Best Documentary Cinematography" award at Cinesiege for his work on the short documentary film IRON MASK, directed by Cristian Gomes. 

Recently, in 2019, Aidan's short thesis film BEDLAMITE was awarded "Best Thriller" at the Los Angeles Festival of Cinema in Venice Beach.

Aidan is a founding member of the Canadian independent film collective NEW ART RIOT.

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